Miranda. xxiii. Writer. I swear too much.
I like trees and the Lord of the Rings.
My boyfriend is the baddest bitch I know.

I’m not sorry that I find sloppy drunkenness horribly unattractive. If you are too drunk to function, I do not want to be around you in the slightest. If you text me and can’t even use real words, you are too drunk. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink but actin’ a fool has 0 appeal to me.

Today I did a thing.

Matt’s friend’s wife, who I had briefly met when I went out to visit for ball, sent me a friend request the other day on facebook, but we have never like legitimately talked to each other. Aside from Calista last night because she brought it up, I think the last friend request I remember actually sending out myself was almost 5 years ago to Matt.

I opened it up in my tab and started scrolling and saw something she posted, and I commented on it. Then her, then me. I usually feel like if someone asks to be my friend they should generally be the first to say something bc idk it seems like it makes sense to me. But this time I did. I mean it wasn’t a message or even like a real conversation but still. Look at me, so outgoing and social n’ shit.



There comes a point in adulthood, in this horror story that we all start to talk to each other because we realize, ’hey, you too?’ but it takes speaking up. Speak up. Peers are cool. Life.

Heck yeah. Well said, Katie.